The Calligrafreaks Project

It’s a celebration of this New Era of writing! We focus on the investigation and development of new codes and styles of Calligraphy. Giving the chance to artists from different cultural backgrounds, languages, alphabets and from different parts of the World (all of them professionals) to contribute with their new view of Scripture. Working together on new concepts of graphic communication starting from the next basic steps: Calligraphy, design and typography, expressionist handwriting and graffiti (more accurately the Urban writing).

Coming from a Modern Calligraphy background, we have gathered a group of artists from different nationalities in the main cities of Europe to show their art, exchange knowledge or ideas and work together using bigger infrastructures and with better resources. We managed it to create an international, self organised network of artists, focused in the promotion, evolution and dissemination of this contemporary art movement. With the will of jumping to next big capital.

All that process of creation and investigation during several working days, ends up with a collective exhibition. All artworks are done in different styles, on different medias and using different techniques. At our exhibitions we present mural art, handwritten artworks on canvas, live Calligraphy and Calligraffiti, Calligraphy workshops, open Sketch table, Silkscreen, audiovisual art, typographic technology applications, lettering tattoo, live music and we still keep an open mind for new incomers.

You can see videos from the past editions at:

Past Editions


The first exhibition was on the 19th of May 2018 @VOODOO55, Berlin. We gathered 23 (national and International) artists from different disciplines and styles, but always focused in Modern Calligraphy.
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The second exhibition was on the 8th of December @Spin Time, Rome. There were 21 the participant artists.
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1st Anniversary

The third one, with a different format and to celebrate the first anniversary, was on the 8th of June of 2019 @Scriptorium Berlin.
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The main goal of these events is to create an international network between people interested on this contemporary movement. Without taking into consideration if they are artists or visitors. Making this “underground” scene known to the World allows us to be able to get better resources, chances, infrastructures and most importantly, recognition for this culture.

New Edition coming soon!

Writing the way

@Nau Bostik
from 17th to 19th of April 2020
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