The prefix “RE” brings us to a situation where obviously something starts again. In our case, as a consequence of a brutally worldwide epidemic… and no! Isn’t only about the usual manipulation of the society.

All this just happened at the doors, before starting the biggest event of contemporary calligraphy in Europe in April 2020. We are now with the hands of professional and emergent artists tied up. Our minds are blocked and of course there are many broken hearts and empty pockets.

“Re-write the way” is a clear example of the radical change of life as we all know. With the whole world’s population isolated at home to don’t get sick, the society has found a way to escape into a secondary and digital world. #STAYHOME #NOTQUIET



We want to show you all the actions that usually identify our events:

Original artwork exhibition: With a Virtual Gallery. Open and able to visit from everywhere around the world.

Cultural exchange: On Instagram and with daily posts of home-studios invaded by art. Join us and travel several countries around the globe inside 15m2 of room.

Spreading the culture: Through daily LIVEs with our artists. Interacting with the guests and the audience.

Sale of original artwork: At our Online gallery-shop.



Curated by Makearte and realised by Calligrafreaks and Muyzan, this exhibition wants to show how the routine from different artists from all around the world has been affected in a really similar way. How does this crisis affects to urban artists?

An introspective period of time with an explosion of creativity and production, beneficial for all of us but, where’s the limit? Soon or late any artist needs to show his artwork, keep learning and being recognised for it. As well does the Urban Art, beside the issue of not being able to go out to this cities.

So finally, we decided to adapt ourselves to other usual meeting points. We need to keep going on with the cultural exchange, expand and promote knowledge and find new audiences. Let’s re-write the way through the Social media, Live Streaming, Virtual reality and e-commerce which seems to be nowadays, the totally consolidated platforms of this new world.


Parisurteil, Royal Venom, Cube One, Yet, Taioba, Alpha Skao, BurnOne, CRBZ, Esoteric, Callitypz, Theosone, Creepy Mouse, Nem, Mister Kams, Ashwan, Mr. Zé, Iván Castro, Insert Daniels, Bello, Rush Dog, Martina Cips, Calame, Muy Zan, Naok Write, Arteporvo.

Grab your original artwork on HERE