#3 – Barcelona

#3 Barcelona
from 17th to 20th April 2020

Not just an exhibition.
It is the biggest international gathering of contemporary calligraphy (or Calligraffiti). This time in Barcelona!

A moment for action and a space for creativity.
A total immersion into the fascinating world of strokes and impossible shapes,
a place to share or discover knowledge but most of all to show love and respect for letters.
Beginners, amateurs or experts… all welcome.

Video by: Makearte & Abstract Monollog / Artists: Naok Write, Yuma Montes, Muy Zan / Music by: Vacioq

Why Barcelona?

We couldn’t miss Barcelona on our way through the artistic capitals of  Europe. It has always been a reference for design,  recognised by its beauty, its architecture and artistic movements from older times…
It’s time to revive again the free and cultural city that is Barcelona! 

We’ll gather that time in Barcelona, to show our art, exchange knowledge or ideas and work together on a collective exhibition and few mural calligraphy interventions around the city. We are counting on more than 20 national and international artists. 

The project is also focused on promoting this artistic movement. Bringing the people closer to the different calligraphy styles by participating in the process. It’s a meeting to study and discuss the new concepts with other professionals, coming from other cultures, languages and expertising status. Opening many possible ways for an international development of the art of calligraphy.



WHEN: 17th to 20th April 2020.
WHERE: Nau Bostik & Espai Jove Bocanord, Barcelona.
WHO: 20 national and international artists.
WHAT: Exhibition with original artworks, participative actions, workshops and collective mural painting.


WHEN: 15th May 2020.
WHERE: Stendhal Gallery and other locations, Barcelona.
WHAT: Exhibition with original artworks, live actions and collective mural painting.


National: Inocuo, Iván Castro, Naok Write, Ashwan, Mr. Kams, Mugraff, Siien, Nem, Yuma Montes, Insert Daniel, Arteporvo and more TBC.
International: Bello, Blunt, Bank, Calame, Giadelle, Drewlab, RushDog, Taioba, Schriftzug, Scriptkillaz, The Krank, CRBZ, Nick Visioli, Fralligraphy, Morina Faya and more TBC


Espai jove Bocanord 


Nau Bostik pretends to be a referent in the cultural activity realised at La Sagrera, Barcelona. With the will of covering the need of spaces for the promotion of social and cultural activities inside the neighbourhood. We want to offer a huge meeting point for entities and neighbours, specially for those people who may have interest on artistic manifestations from all kind.”

B.Murals “we are a cultural center specialized in Urban Art” 
A pioneer and one of a kind project because its integral focusing, that combines support to creation, through pushing forward wall interventions, residences and exhibitions; with the community work, educative, of reflexion and bringing it closer to the citizens.