Why to support us

We are in need for locations where to lay the foundations of this growing culture.
Better resources to investigate and develop these new ideas, every time bigger and more complex.
The project is also focused on promoting this artistic movement and bring the people closer to different calligraphy styles by participating in the process.

It’s a meeting to study and discuss the new concepts with other professionals, coming from other cultures, languages and expertising status. Opening many possible ways for an international development of the art of calligraphy.
Contemporary calligraphy (or Calligraffiti) attracts every time more people from all gender and age range. 
An event for everybody, where usually kids are the first to get messed with paint.
With many different styles, calligraphy captivates people coming from design, painting, urban art, photography, technology or scripture.

If you could support us…
As a letters Freak, volunteering during the preparation of the events you’ll be able to enjoy the Calligrafreaks experience. A live exhibition where to share creativity and get submerged into this fascinating world of colors and impossible shapes. 
As an association, besides all the benefits already nouned, you’ll be collaborating with an international project in its development, focused in creation and cultural exchange.
As a company, giving economical help or material for our art we’ll include your logo in all our promotion channels: web, newsletter, magazine, social media, graphic design… where we already count thousands of followers. Furthermore the chance of collaboration with some of our emergent or recognised artists. 

They support us